Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My New (Old) Machine!

Meet Minnie!

My New (Old) Machine!

Minnie  is a wonderful vintage Singer Featherweight. 

This is a 1951 Centennial machine, 221 model, 
manufactured in 1950 according to the serial number.

Included with the machine was the original case, foot control, 
accessories and original manual.

The gold decals are perfect
and the the top coat has only a few minor scratches from use. 
A little dust from the case cleaned right off with a soft cloth.

After a few drops of oil, 
she stitches like a dream!

I have wanted a vintage Featherweight for a long time.

I learned to sew on an old Singer.

I had never used a Featherweight before, but as she is a Singer, 
she feels like an old (new) friend.

We plan to make many quilts together ... :) 


  1. You will love her! She's a straight stitcher, and I especially love mine for hemming dinner napkins because the stitches are so straight and true. We've also made quilts together, along with the other vintage Singers in the stable. I love them all for piecing.

  2. Sounds like a great machine...Enjoy!

  3. You will enjoy using Minnie! Very excited for you!!

  4. I have one, yours is in such beautiful shape. They are a great little machine.

  5. Congrats! Beautiful machine. I'd love to find one that nice.

  6. Congratulations. She is beautiful.

  7. Beautiful new steed for your stables!!! So, are embarking on a journey of collecting old machines like Bonnie Hunter? I love looking at them, but I haven't succumbed to the lure yet!

  8. Congratulations! My 1948 Featherweight is Betty Lou, named after my Aunt. I bought her from a friend that was selling her vintage machines. I wanted the white (kinda greenish) but it wasn't for sale. I cleaned & polished her up, bought a new electronic foot pedal as she was a bit sluggish and they say it has to do with the old bakelite pedals-did help her. Also bought her a new LED light so it doesn't get so hot, crocheted an Irish Rose to put on the spindle holder like other's were doing. Bought kerosene to follow instructions on cleaning the old grease out and gave her fresh oil and grease following instructions and she sews beautifully. She'll outlast me. I got info from and The last one I bought a button holer from and I like it better than the button holer on my new machine. May you two enjoy hours on top of hours sewing.

    1. I also bought a new felt for the bottom because it smelled awful. My case smelled awful and the machine picked it up. She doesn't stink after cleaning and exchanging the old felt on the bottom out. They have a lot of discussions on the "smell". Someday I may re-do the case.


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