Thursday, March 8, 2018

Small ... Smaller ...

... Smallest

This little doll is for the ...

I have been having such a good time participating in the blog hops that 

has been hosting that I just had to join in this fun
even though I knew I would be away from my machine
visiting my grand-darling for most of the prep time.

I knew I wanted to make a little doll
like one I got many years ago for my daughter
So I researched tiny cloth dolls and pocket dolls online.

I found a lot of patterns and ideas,
but finally just drew up a simple pattern on my own ...

To make,  cut two of these  2.5" by 3" pieces from muslin
and sew them together,
cut a slit in the back and turn it right side out,
stuff it with a bit of polyfil,
and hand sew it closed.
Not very high tech but it works for me.

The dress and pinafore can be made from scraps
with no real pattern.
The dress is just two pieces cut by tracing around the doll
and stitched together.
The pinafore is a rectangle piece,
gathered on the top and hemmed on the bottom,
with two tiny folded straps.

I had also planned to make her a little quilt and pillow,
but I ran out of time.

I enjoyed this peaceful project.

The best thing about these hops is the community of creative quilters.

Please visit all my quilty friends today
for all their small sensations ...

March 8

Life in the Scrapatch (you are here)

Thank you 
for hosting this fun blog hop.




snowiest ...

Major winter storm here has dumped over a foot of heavy wet white stuff

and it is still falling.

You can see the broken limbs in the maple along the fence line.

Our white pines have been decimated.
Our summer screen house is broken beyond repair but
our house is okay.

The lights have flickered a few times but we are fortunate

and have power and heat.
No so for many in my area.

My internet service is spotty.

I will not be able to respond to all the kind comments today.
Please forgive my lack of communication.
I hope to get back to all of you soon.

Stay warm and take care.

{{{quilty hugs}}}


  1. She is so precious. I love how you created your own pattern. If only we adults could go back and play with dolls now...the things we would make!!? Enjoy gifting her and then...maybe she'll need a quilt and so on...

  2. LOVE it, Pat! She is just too CUTE!! Makes me want to make a whole village of them. There will be hours of entertainment and fun imaginative play with her. So sweet!

  3. Oh my, sh is absolutely adorable. x

  4. Awww Pat, that is so very sweet. Is it for your Grand darling? Or are you keeping her? You did such a great job, she has such a sweet face :)

  5. Your dolly is incredibly sweet, love her braids :)

  6. Wow, I am impressed with that little dolly--she is so small that I think she would have been hard to work on, but how sweet she looks!

  7. Perfect! So simple, simply wonderful!

  8. What an adorable dolly. I love how you keep saying "simple" LOL I don't think she was so simple but I do think she is the sweetest thing. Thanks for sharing.

  9. She is such a sweet and tiny doll...I love her, Pat! Those tiny clothes are so cute, too. What did you use for her hair? It looks perfectly braided. Thanks for fitting in some time to hop with us as I know you've been a busy lady lately. :O)

  10. Oh Pat, I love this and want to make one. You shared everything I need, but you know I'm a hair gal and I love her hair. How did you do it and what did you use? If you don't mind sharing. Such a precious little darling of a doll.

  11. She is adorable. I might need one.

  12. That is darling! I need to make a few of them for our granddaughters. They would love them.

  13. such cute dolls Pat, and the pattern is great... Love how you did the hair.

  14. Now that is little! But what a punch it packs. Great job!

  15. I love, love, love your small little doll. She's just as sweet as can be and I do love her hair color and the braids. Perfectly smallest!!

  16. That little doll is so sweet!

  17. Your little dolly is so sweet, She would be a good little carry on with a little purse of her and her belongings. Another project perhaps?

  18. She's adorable! Almost a doll for a doll, she's so tiny

  19. Cute little doll, any little girl would be thrilled to play with her.

  20. So very, very sweet. I love her. Don't have any little girls in my life but that is not going to stop me from making one of my very own. Could I ask what you used for her lovely braids?

  21. Your doll is so very sweet! Hard to work that tiny!! Hope you keep your power and nothing more is damaged at your home.

  22. She's so cute! Wish I had a little girl.

  23. Is she ever the cutest little dolly??!!! How sweet to have a few of these tucked away in your purse to hand out to little girls randomly. I say that, but I think I'd get quite attached to any I'd make! I do want to try at least one, using your pattern. Thank you!

  24. You doll is so cute! I love that you have them to giveaway, it would cheery up anyone.

  25. Such a cute doll and those little clothes!

  26. Darling dolly--brings back memories.
    Keep warm and concentrate on tending to the home fires--don't worry about responding to comments. Power outages are a lot of work!

  27. I love your little doll. She is perfect :) I hope your weather improves and that you manage to stay warm and keep your electric :)

  28. Oh, your doll is just adorable! What a little treasure! Great hair and lovely clothing!

  29. Your doll is fabulous. What a fun project. I could see your grand learning to sew by making doll clothes. That is how I learned from my great grandmother.

  30. She's darling and it's always fun to make up your own pattern.

  31. It I just love this little doll! Perfect for tiny hands!
    Even more perfect for another use that is somewhat bittersweet but lovely nonetheless. My daughter is a professional photographer and volunteers as regional coordinator for the National Organization, NILMDTS, or NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP. THESE PHOTOGRAPHERS offer bereavement photography to families who have lost a child before, during, or soon after birth. Along with the photos, different volunteers sew and donate the most beautiful,elegant gowns for these babies and when available, v place a small small small doll, animal or similar token to place with the baby for photos which is then given back to the parents as keepsakes.
    This little cloth doll would be the perfect size for this purpose. My daughter tells me they never have enough and they always mean so much to the grieving parents. A simple little doll can offer so much comfort and closure for these families. So thank you for the pattern. I will be making a few hundred in the coming months. Yes, I said "hundreds". I never realized until my daughter began offering hey services as a NILMDTS Photographer, the huge number of babies who pass away during birth, often of unknown causes and to mothers who have done all the right things to ensure a healthy baby. My daughter photographed over 161 angel babies in 2017 and she is only one of five local photographers for NILMDTS!!!
    PLEASE check with your local hospital and ask if they have NILMDTS services or perhaps similar organizations that you could help by making items like this little doll or "angel baby" gowns. Patterns are all over the Internet! Project Linus needs NICU BLANKETS, so as you can see there are many different ways that our thread and needle can offer comfort to others!

  32. Love this tiny doll. It's perfect to take places where little girls need to be quiet. Wish I'd had one when my girls were little.


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