Friday, June 29, 2018

49 Colorful Summer Blocks Done!

The 49 Blocks for my Kaffe Fassett Quilt are done!

These are easy blocks,
8" squares of these big beautiful prints,
 framed with 1.5" strips of the spot fabric
to yield 10" unfinished blocks.

I like to sew the blocks directly to the width of fabric strips.

Cut the blocks apart.

Sewing opposite sides in this manner.

Then press, trim and square each block.

I do like to cut corners and reduce steps,
but I always carefully press, trim and square each unit or block
before sewing them together.

It is well worth the extra effort to make sure my quilt will be square and even.

Another area where I do not cut corners or costs
is with the materials I use ...

like these gorgeous

Kaffe Fassett Fabrics

I sew with only quality fabrics and threads and needles ...

... like this Aurifil Thread and
these Schmetz Chrome
Professional Grade Needles.

I have been using this

Aurifil 2021 Large Thread Cone

for several years.

I buy the large cones,
6,452 yards of 50wt Aurifil 100% cotton thread,
in Natural White.

The wrapped cone pictured is my back-up.

The one on my machine I have been piecing with for over a year.

I also wind my own bobbins with this thread.

These large cones last me least 8 months or more,
depending on how much I sew and the projects 
I am working on.

The Chrome Needles are a wonderful new find.

I have been using only Schmetz needles for years,

but only recently tried the chrome ones when I found them on sale at

Schmetz Needles on Sale

My veteran Janome loves these chrome needles
and runs much smoother and quieter.

Since this was a Notion on the Month Sale,
I stocked up on my favorite sizes and types ...

Schmetz Chrome Topstitch Needle

If you want to take advantage of this sale,
do so today as I think the sale on the needles 
may end tomorrow night.

Now that my blocks are done,
I am ready for the next step,
sashing and sewing my flimsy together. 

This pattern is a free download from 

Or maybe my quilty muse will want to play with a different project
for a day or two.

Happy Summer Sewing!  


  1. I love your Kaffe Fassett quilt! It's an interesting way of putting it together and I may be copying shamelessly!

  2. I love how his fabric glows!! Lovely!

  3. I wondered what beautiful creation you had in mind for your Kaffe fabrics! Can’t wait to see these blocks all together!

  4. I adore your Kaffe quilt. Isn't it amazing how good quality products help?


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