Saturday, June 23, 2018

Color Palette Play

My Blue Hydrangeas are blooming!

I love these colors so I have decided to try to make a quilt with them

I went to 

Here is my pallete ... 

Here are my colors!

I love that this even tells me what Bella Solids match these colors.

You can even move the circles to chose the colors you wish to highlight.

Have fun playing with your own photos!



  1. Wow....those will make a gorgeous quilt.

  2. What beautiful Blue Hydrangeas! I bought one last year and I didn't have enough sun for it and it died. This year I bought shade begonias and shade coleus. The coleus are beautiful and I have one pretty begonia. The begonia quit blooming when I transplanted it and doesn't seem to be interested in blooming again. I also bought a climbing rose which is thriving. It also quit blooming. I think they go into shock when transplanted. My rose bush last year died, too. My parents had green thumbs which I did not inherit. My dad was an ag major and could grow anything. I love the palette you have chosen. It will make a delightful quilt.

  3. Lovely blue hydrangeas! The color palette will make a beautiful quilt. Thanks for the color palette link. It will be fun to play with.

  4. My hydrangeas are blooming too and the blue one is the best. I was just admiring it yesterday. That palette is gorgeous!


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