Thursday, June 7, 2018

Moda Blockheads II ~ Time To Sew Along!

Getting ready to cut into my much loved
Corey Yoder stash
'cause ...

has started!

Last year I missed the start of this great sew along and 
never caught up.  

This time I am resolved to sew a block a week
and get it done.

Are you sewing along?


  1. I won't be sewing along, but I'll be watching to see your progress. Beautiful fabric collection!

  2. I had absolutely no intention, until I saw the first block and I got snagged in! No promises how far I get but so far I am in love with it! Your block by the way is sensational!
    Wish me luck and I may need cheering on. This may be just the thing I needed to get me back to blogging! I have sadly neglected my blog and I miss it...


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