Thursday, May 19, 2022

I Like Thursday # 140 ~ Suddenly Summer ~ Suddenly Not

 Good Evening! 

I am late joining my friends @ 

I Like Thursday @ Not Afraid of Color 

to share the simply joyful things in life.

It has been a very cool and rainy day so I am enjoying the blooms opening on the big rhododendrons outside my window from the comfort of my sofa today.

Last weekend it was hot for a weekend in mid-May in my corner of the planet.

It seemed summer unexpectedly had arrived mid-Spring. 

Then the strong on-shore winds that have been blowing all spring returned.

Today's day of rain was much more like an early spring day..

This weekend we are forecast to break heat records so summer will be back.

I think we shall have to put our window air conditioners in tomorrow.

Hopefully next week it will not start snowing.

With all these weather changes, there is no telling what may happen.

Time will tell.

My current response to the weather is to carry my yarn bag to wherever it is most comfy. 

On the good days, I took my yarn bag outside to my yard swing
and enjoyed the day until the evening light faded. 

You can see my Sea Shawl Finish ~ Here on my backyard swing.

While I sat I had plenty of backyard birds visit me,
like this pair of goldfinches.

This male cardinal is a frequent visitor. He must be feeding his mate and nestlings because he comes and goes from still dark early morning until the last light fades.

I enjoy all the birds, even our small flock of pigeons.
The purple iridescent feathers on this one are beautiful in the setting sun.

This is my new Tunisian Crochet start.
Nutmeg and I are making a shawl in another pattern and this lovely
This color is called Teaberry and it is beautiful shades of variegated pink.

This pattern has three different Tunisian Crochet stitches.

More later.

It is time to call it a night.

Good Night, my friends.

 I hope your Thursday has been lovely, too. 


Chantal said...

We too are having the "pulling whatever out of the weather hat" kind of temperature. We were down to 3 degrees (37F) on Tuesday after a 33C (91F) last Friday. Unbelievable! Love your Sea Shawl. It does recall the waves on the beach. It looks so soft and lovely. Great job! This tea berry colour is very nice. I don't know what Tunisian crochet is but I love the texture it makes. Enjoy! ;^)

Kathleen said...

The weather this spring has been odd, but maybe I say it every year. The very hot weekends in May seem unusual as do the windy windy days we have had. Love your did a fabulous job on it!

Linda said...

We finally got a break from our unseasonable heat, and it is in the high 50s this morning! Your stitching is so pretty, and I love that watercolor yarn. Nutmeg has made a nice start on that shawl. ;)