Monday, January 30, 2023

Back to Sewing ~ Block 1


My first block is done for my

Scrappy Irish Chain Scrap Along Quilt

This scrappy goodness is being hosted by Corey Yoder.

This is Block A ~1 of 13

Here are her inctructions

Scrappy Irish Chain Scrap Along ~ Part 2 ~ Block Piecing

This is a very big and busy block made of 9 rows of 2.5" squares.

I need to make one of the Block B next so I can see how my fabrics and colors are working.  Right now I cannot see the pattern.  The large neutral background center in the alternate block is really needed as a place eyes to rest.

It was good to be back to sewing.  My lovely workhorse of a Janome MC6600p is getting old.  I have sewn so many seams with her that her tension mechanism is wearing out.  I have the tension set to the max to get an even stitch.  It is one of the reasons that I took a break from machine sewing. Buying a new machine is not an option for me now.  I need to find away to get my machine working.

Overall, I am pleased with my back-to-sewing efforts so far.

Looking forward to playing with the fabrics again tomorrow.

Happy Sewing!

Hope to get another block done tomorrow. 


Dorian said...

It is a bit busy Pat, but looking so lovely. The colors together are so fresh and pretty. I'm sorry your machine is wearing out. I hope it lasts till you can fix it or buy something else. You can often find good machines at thrift stores. good luck!

Material Girl said...

I have a 6600 too. I prefer to piece on 1950s machines, a Singer 301. I purchased one as a travel machine and it was cheap! I love that I can do all the servicing it needs. These old machines are great and readily available. Just a thought as the new machines can be ridiculously expensive.