Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Second ~ and Third ~ Scrappy Thoughts

 This is my Second Thought.

I am thinking of limiting my palette and

 hoping to create a secondary design in the chain.

In this layout, I have only blue, yellow and white background colors in my squares.

I have taken out the green scraps and am limiting the green 

to the single fabric in the chain borders

My First Block for my Scrappy Irish Chain 

looks maybe a bit too busy even for my "all scraps are welcome" eyes.

My seam ripper has to find that lightest green square. 

Then this block may turn into a kitty quilt. 

This is my Third Thought. 

For this layout, I also pulled the white and used dark blue in the center and light blue to yellow for the center of the chains.

I would have to cut many more dark blue scraps.

Mr. Scrapatch has already added his thoughts while walking by my cutting table and said he likes the dark blue center in this layout. Mr. Scrapatch loves blue.

I am going to make one Block B and think some more.

Which layout would you choose?

Opinions always welcome.



Gretchen Weaver said...

Of course I would go with Block C, mainly because I'm a blue girl! This is a great idea though, happy stitching!

Dorian said...

The dark blue does stand out more and shows the chain better. But it's a hard choice for me, I like the more yellow one as well. Have fun playing and figuring it out :)