Friday, April 30, 2010

Now It Is All Good

I took down the Sunflower Quilt Top and fixed the border and switched the two misplaced blocks .... much better! I need to get this quilted soon. My dining room looks so much brighter and happier with this colorful wall quilt.

You can snatch a piece of this sunshine yourself on sale here ...

... where I bought my kit and support my favorite local quilt shop!

;-) Pat


  1. PAT!!!! that is AWESOME! i love all the colors. its so tropical.

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty! And I love what you did with the "leftovers." Lovely.

  3. Hi Pat
    Didn't know you had a blog. Isn't the sunflower batiks gorgeous! I love seeing the pattern done up--I know I wanted to do something with the batiks but didn't think the pattern showed them off enough. After seeing your wall quilt think I'm going to have to change my mind. What a cheery place to wake up to in the morning. HUGS!


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