Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Current Quilty Project

Here is a sneak peek at what I am currently working on. These fabrics are so bright and colorful and the pattern so striking that when I saw them in the quilt shop I had to make this quilt. Usually I never buy kits. This quilt is wall sized, but I am liking the fabrics so much I may also make a bed size quilt later with some of these fabulous fabrics.

Here are some of my blocks so far. This pattern uses a method of adding squares to the corners to make the blocks that calls for cutting off the corner triangles. I always feel that too much lovely fabric is wasted in the process, so I sew a second line and cut the corners to make Half Square Triangle blocks. These HST are actually 3 inches ... much to large to be tossed away! I am thinking I will make a table runner with them after I finish the wall quilt.

After this photo, I squared the blocks and cut the dog-ears from the HST. Here one of my favorite tools for squaring these units as I go. It is a small rotary cutting mat so I can just turn and square without moving the block. I have a larger size of these rotary cutting mats for squaring larger blocks, but this small one is perfect for the intermediate steps. The best thing is that I found this smaller mat in a quilt basket I won at a quilt show one time. What a nice surprise that was!

I took some time off from sewing today to cut my strips and squares for the monthly mini-swap on Block Central. I am off to the post office now and then it is back to sewing my quilt. I have started receiving this month's "squishies" ... brown squares and red strips. I love the variety of fabrics I get in these mini-swaps!

May you have a happy quilty day ... :-) Pat


  1. That is going to be one sunny quilt! I like the design, though. Quick and easy and light on the matching seams. :) My kind of pattern.

    (psstt... I meant to ask, 14,875 words of what? Hmmm?)

  2. I love the colors of this quilt. I am a brights person. I can see myself buying this fabric too. Can't wait to see it sewn up.


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