Friday, April 9, 2010

I Am Not Procrastinating!

Instead of tucking Gerda's Round Robin away or hanging it on the wall and staring at it for a month, I actually pulled fabrics, found a pattern idea and I have even got templates!

After I looked at the stuff laid out in the picture above for awhile, I decided the colors are not quite right, The fabric on the left is too pink and does not provide enough contrast. The blue fabric on the right is too much of a departure from the other colors. So, clearly, I had to ask my hubby if I could dip into his private stash of Oriental Fabrics ... and he had the perfect one! He agreed that he could part with some of it ... but told me I "best replace it" ... lol!

I told him that this would require another outing to Emma's Quilt Cupboard and that we best hope the rest of the bolt is still there ...

Yay!!! I have an another excuse to go fabric shopping anyway!!


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  1. I'm so proud. *sniff*

    (Nice colors, too. ;) )


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