Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sewing the next Round Robin Border

Sneak peak here on what I am working on for my border on Annette's amazing Round Robin.

I admit I have been staring at this beauty for over a month completely in awe. I have had a very difficult time deciding what I could possibly add to this gorgeous medallion. Annette even helped by sending some of her sunset colored Fossil Fern and some marbled fat quarters. Ann used some of this for her wonderful border and I am going to use some, too. I am trying to leave some of the Fossil Fern for the next person to use, too, but there is not much left.

At the end of last week I decided to try a French Braid and to use batiks. I made a quick trip to a nearby quilt shop to pick up some fat quarters to blend with the focal fabric and I am finally sewing. I think it is going to work!!

More "picies" later ... heh ... heh ... heh ...

hmmmmm ... now if I could just figure the corners ... ;-) Pat

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