Monday, August 27, 2012

A Small Burst of Color ...

... happened upon my cutting table early this afternoon. ;)

Not quite what you were thinking you might see on my blog today as I said in my last post that I was working on my August Schinibble quilt.

This is what resulted ...

This is how it happened ~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

During my lunck break I ventured upon the

running at Canton Village Quilt Works  and the colors in the block that Amy from Amy's Creative Side designed grabbed me.  I had to find some colors of my own and make a block.

I think I like it!  :)
Photos of the quilts of many colors coming together for this Bloggers BOM Quilt along may be enjoyed here on their Flicker Group.

I think I may make some more of these blocks soon.  Maybe I will even catch up on the blocks before this quilt along ends.

But for now, back to my regularly scheduled quiltyness ...

I am going to call this quilt "Autumn Crossing"
Have a happy quilty day, my friends!


  1. I love the Autumn Crossing blocks! So much fun!!!

  2. Oooooh! I can't wait to see what kind of quilting you put inside those white squares. :)

  3. Linda ... thanks :) Autumn colors are my favorites. I love the fall!

    Delia ... hmmmm ... I have plans for the backing of this quilt, too. So the quilting may be pretty basic. 'Course, now Delia has gotten me rethinking that plan. I shall see what the quilt says when it comes time to quilt it ... ;)


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