Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Curtains 101.3

Brought to you by "Post-It Notes" Patterns ;)

Did you notice that I use many of the high tech tools in my sewing?

The man cave curains are done!!

One final photo later when the panels and tiebacks are hung and hubby passes out the grade ... ;)

A few photos of the last day of sewing ...

I just love this fabric! It is my favorite print from the "Plume" fabrics from Timeless Treasures that hubby hubby chose for his curtains. The picture does not do the lovely greens and blues justice and the touch and feel of this fabric line is sew nice!

Charlie decided on 63" side panels.  I did easy rolled hems on the sides, a single top rod pocket and machine stitched hem. He bought 4 yards for two side panels.  I opened and folded them flat again so I could just cut them in two WOF by 72" panels.  Cut off the selvages and pressed and sewed.

How to photos ...

If you have never done a rolled hem edge before, it is an easy two hand "roll as you sew" technique. Just roll as you go a 1/4 inch on the edge and roll it over another 1/4 inch again  with your right hand and move the fabric forward with your left hand as you feed it to the doggies ... no pressing beforehand. 

I did press the raw edge under 1/4 inch and then press the top for 3.5 inch rod pockets, One pin at the beginning and one at the end to make a nice smooth edge is all that is needed. I top stitch these and then top stitch another seam about a half-inch from the top. 

The hems are done similarly.  I folded one inch over and then another inch and pressed. Then I just sew the sides closed ...

For the tiebacks, hubby thought they "had to have some yellow" to "break up" the green and blue and he wanted the blue scroll strip from the border stripe fabric.  A few more photos ...

I just cut 24" by 4" blue strips and added black edges from my selvage scraps to give them a little stiffness on the edges.  Then I cut yellow for the back of the tiebacks 24" by 8 inches and top stitches the backing over the front for the yellow edges.

Ms Katniss got comfy on my sewing chair and fell asleep in the middle of this process, so I had to use the smaller less comfy chair for much of the day.

If anyone has not fallen asleep here and is really interested in more details, just ask. 

I will check my post-it notes and get back to you ...
;) Pat

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  1. Looking good Ms Pat! LOL to Katniss, you are so sweet to let her have the chair :)


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