Friday, August 24, 2012

LIfe In The Scrapatch Lately

Katniss got a "lion cut" !  ;)

When we adopted her at the shelter, Katniss had nasty fur knots all over her back.  I have never had a cat with such a problem.  Since she had been a stray, she must not have tried to keep up with grooming her long silky fur.  These knots must have been painful for her as she could not really arch her back and we discovered afterward that the probelm with her back legs was related to this.  We had thought it was an old injury. Whenever she sat or crouched, she would put her right rear leg out and she walked with a limp and could not jump much at all.  Poor kitty.  After a month of trying to work the knots out ourselves, my hubby finally decided to take her to the groomer and get her a buzz cut.  She is very happy with her new haircut and is running and jumping and playing like a kitten.

Katniss has also been running and jumping with a kitten.  We were taking care of one of my four-legged grands while my daughter made her vacation escape.  Katniss enjoyed having Pepper for a playmate.  My daughter is back and Pepper has gone home now and Katniss is looking all over for her ...

Where's Pepper?

Pepper was also a big quilty help while she was here.

Pepper is getting big!

On the quilty side, my big beautiful Janome has come home!  :)

I have been making baby blocks for the grandbaby boomers on the Quilt and Needle Quilty Auntie Quilts.

For Kendalyn ...

For Dougie ...

For Dougie's baby brother on the way, Pete ...

More baby blocks to make today for Kyle.

Have a Happy, Quilty Day!



  1. Oh, the poor kitty! That must have been awful for her. I'm so glad she's doing better.

    Those baby blocks are beautiful. The Q&N babies are always so lucky. :)

  2. Thanks, Ms Delia ... I love making baby quilty blocks ... :-) Pat


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