Friday, August 3, 2012

It's A Guy Thing

These are the fabrics my hubby found at the Vermont Quilt Festival for his "man cave" curtains for the room he has established as his private domain since the boys have finally (mostly) moved out.  As it is on the northeast corner of our house with a tree overhanging the yard, it a dark room and it fronts the street so there is a need for letting in as much light as possible while maintaining privacy.  We decided on cafes. 

The metallic floral is from Plume from Timeless Treasures.  Then he decided to make it sunny with the gold which is classic Kaufmann Fusions from our LQS. Sew I am sewing curtains this weekend.  My hubby has very precise ideas about what he wants for these curtains. I hope I am equal to the task.

This will keep me inside much of the time and it is so hot and humid we have the AC humming full blast.

Coolness ... ah, yes!

My hubby is outside weeding and waiting for a ton of dirt to be dropped in our driveway that he will have to shovel and move into gardens for our newest home improvement project.  I do need to do some planting at some point, but I think I have the better of the deal as I get to stay inside most of the time and work with this fabulous fabric.

Fabric ... ah, yes!

Thinking of fabric ... which of course, I do all the time ... I just found this very interesting entry on the event calendar of a nearby quilt guild ...

 a Fabric Fair !!!
Ah, yes! ;)


  1. Yes, I would definitely stay inside and sew in this heat. I went out for awhile yesterday and on the drive home noticed my car said it was 97 out. I love those blue and gold fabrics. The curtains should be beautiful.

  2. Very pretty fabric! Yes, sewing vs. digging is always an easy decision for me!


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