Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Scrap Basket Quilt Start

Post # 3 for the day on the "no sew" day ... ;)

During the curtain sewing marathon, I started a scrap basket quilt. 

(I miss My Janome ... she is sew beautiful)

It began as a "leaders and enders" project because my big beautiful Janome was snatching the fabric down into the thread hole and making nasty little knots with the bobbin threads ... which is one of the reasons I decided she needed some spa treatments.

I had  a lot of pinks and greens in my scrap basket which was augmented by my purchase from a quilt show white elephant table of a little plastic baggie chock full of 4" squares of pinks and greens, mostly "shabby chic" type florals.  I recall that the baggie cost .25 cents. One quilter's scrap is another quilter's treasure.

I saw the Rhubarb Pie Quilt Kit on the cover of the spring Keepsake Quilting catalogue and an inspiration germinated.

The KQ quilt uses 2.5 inch strips and most likely is strip pieced and I started with 4" scrap squares sewn in pairs, so I needed to adapt ...

So I dug through some more of my scraps, worked up my own plan and have a start on my way making my own scrap version on this quilt.

Since this will mostly be a leaders and enders project, you will not be seeing this quilt complete anytime soon, my friends. Will post my progress from time to time.

I think I shall call this pattern "25 Cents"

Sew I am quilty day dreaming today ... :)


  1. Thats going to be lovely Pat. Where is the final picture of the man cave curtains? Can't wait to see it all together.

  2. Thanks, Dorian :)
    The final photo of Charlie's curtains will to have to wait a few days until we have time to get another curtain rod. The windows did not have cafes before now and we rearanged the existing hardware to accomodate such but forgot to get the second rod for the top ... ;) Pat


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