Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sashaying Along

Sash As You Go

I am making progress on my August Schnnibble.  I may or may not have it done by the end of the month, so it may become a September Schinibble.  It's all good. 

I am using a "sash as you go method" for adding the pieced sashing to the blocks.  This way I will not have to deal with lots of long strips when I piece the top together. 

If you are unfamiliar with the method, it is very easy.

Here is the how-to ...

Add one sashing strip to one side of your block. Then turn the corner and add another side.  You will have sashing on two sides and can then easily piece the blocks together, sashing as you go.  Easy peasy.  I like easy.
I like to call this "sashaying" ... ;)
Square dancing along with my quilt squares here today.
Have a happy quilty day ...


  1. Okay, I know you were going to keep it simple, but I really think a leaf pattern would look lovely in the white squares. :)

  2. I love the term "sashaying"! Perfect!

  3. Awesome! I've never seen or even thought about doing this. I like it! Now if I can just remember it!! Very pretty quilt.

  4. my post got lost. Err.

    Thank you for sharing this method. I have quilt in mind. I wonder if this will work as a quilt as you go too?


  5. Delia ... hmmmmmm ... could it be that my quilt is talking to you? You know what I think this means? My quilt must be asking you to do the quilting!! When would you like me to drop it off? :::evil grin::: :-)

  6. Janet ... this method works well for me. It is particularly effective with sashing posts. Since the sashing is pieced, it is hard to see, but there are 2.5" sashing posts in this pattern. I have finished two sides on each square. Tomorrow I plan to add the other sides where they are needed on the outside blocks and then the top will be ready to put together. I will post a few more pictures then. :)

  7. Trina ... Are you planning to quilt each block as you go and then sew them together along the sashing lines? If so, I think it would work, although I have never tried it. I have seen this done in a demo and I bought a pattern that I am meaning to try. You sew the front together first including the batting and then sew the back closed. If you do this please share the how-to's ... :)


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