Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lowell Quilt Festival

BMQG Mini-Challenge Quilts
Yesterday and today my hubby and I enjoyed the Lowell Quilt Festival.  This is much more than a simple quilt show and there are several venues in the downtown area and a shuttle bus connecting the sites. We started at the Lowell National Historical Park  Visitor Center lot and got our free parking validated and walked the short distance to the New England Quilt Museum where we enjoyed their quilts and shop.  From there we took the shuttle bus to my favorite part of the show ... the beautiful display of works by the Boston Modern Quilt Guild.  Photo of their Mini Challenge Quilts above. 

Here is a photo of some of the BMQG quilts artfully displayed so we could see the beautiful backs without looking for a white glove lady...

BMQG Quilts Displayed at Appleton Mills

Here is one of my favorite quilts ...
"Tissue Paper Petals" ... pieced and quilted my Stephanie Harrison
Inspired by a tissue box !

There were sew many beautiful quilts!  I was feeling very inspired by these simple designs and lovely colors and delightful quilting. 
Then we walked to the main venue in the historic Lowell Memorial Auditorium.  You always know you are there when you see this quilt covered car.  When it came time to make my vendor purchases. I was mostly drawn to some very beautiful new fabric lines and soft colors.

Here is Quilty Inspector Butterfly approving my quilty goodies. :)
Goodnight and sweet quilty dreams!


  1. Oooooh! Thank goodness you always take pictures. I'm so sad I missed it. Those miniatures are gorgeous!

  2. thank you for sharing those pictures .

    hugs Kerstin

  3. I'm glad that you made it to the show! Thanks for coming!

  4. Thank you for the inspiration! I would love to see every quilt show in the country!
    Have fun with your new fabrics!

  5. Delia ... maybe next year ... ;)

    Amy ... hope you bring more quilts next year ... :)

    Linda ... sew would I! :)

    Cookie ... would love to make the trip international and see the quilty goodness where you live! :-)


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