Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sew Sad

Two posts in one day.

It is a "no sew" day. 

This is where my beautiful sweet sewing machine should be ... I am sew sad :(

My Janome has gone to the Sewing Shop Spa to be cleansed, oiled, exfoliated, treated, pampered and renwed.  ;)

They said "three to four days" when we called.

When my hubby dropped her off this morning, they said "two weeks" !!!

I could go into the closet and take my old Bro out of the box and set him up and get reacquainted.  

Hmmmmmmmmmm ... maybe.   Poor old guy does not have a nice stop/start button ... and a knee lifter for the presser foot ...  hmmmmmmm ... I am sew spoiled ...

 what! ... NO automatic needle threader !!!!!

That decides it.  Shhhhh ... don't tell him. but he is staying in the closet.  I am not sure I could see to thread the needle. 

I have called for emergency back-up.  :-)

Tonight after she gets out of work, my darling daughter is going to drop off her cute little Janome Gem with all the bells and whistles for me to use while my big beautiful MC6600p is enjoying her little "vaca ..."

I think I will go stroke the fabric and relax.

No worries ... :-)

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