Sunday, June 1, 2014

You're Invited to the Picnic!

This is a Sneak Peek!

It is time to picnic with 

So slow down, 


turn on the radio,

drive down a few back roads,

take a book and a hand project with you,

enjoy the quilts,

and visit all these Quilty Picnic Sites:

Monday June 2

Tuesday June 3

Wednesday June 4
Life in the Scrapatch (you are here)

Thursday June 5

Friday June 6

I am sew looking forward to visiting all these picnic spots!

I have always loved a picnic.
There is something so nice about casual outdoor noshing with friends and family.
I start picnicing in the spring as soon as the weather warms.
Picnics are my favorite part of summer. 
I also love to picnic in the fall with the leaves falling around me.
I have even been known to picnic in the snow.
Everyone needs a picnic basket in their life.
A picnic basket has been my "go-to" gift for weddings since I was in college.
Here is the one I gave to my daughter last summer for a wedding gift.
It is outfitted for two with wine glasses and plates and is very roomy.
I tucked in a bottle of wine for my daughter, a bottle of stout for my son-in-law, 
some tasty non-perishable goodies and a gift certificate for their favorite grocery store.
It came with a soft olive green fleece blanket attached with straps to the side.
Nice ... but not as nice as a QUILT.
So clearly I needed to make My Girl a Picnic Quilt for a 1st Anniversary gift for this summer.

Please come back to see 

My New Picnic Quilt


Great Giveaway

(hint ... hint ... hint ... see my sidebar ... ;)

on Wednesday, June 4th!

You're invited to the picnic!


  1. Oh, Pat I can't wait to see what you came up with. Lovin those chevrons. I gave picnic baskets as gifts also, but never purchased one for my own. I just used .....well, you'll see soon enough. ;)

  2. Picnic... humm...good idea!
    Reminds me of good times of my teenage years!
    I love so much!


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