Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hand Sewing By Candlelight

My Hand Sewing Basket has a new project. 

During the storm's assault on the Northeast, we did lose power yesterday afternoon when a tree on a street at the foot of our hill fell on a utility pole, snapping it and downing the power lines.  This pole also had a transformer that was dangling half-off the broken pole a few feet above the ground.  This resulted in a localized power outage and a couple of streets closed.  Most of the damage in my area was of this nature. Wind gusts and rain but no flooding or major devastation.   We are still experiencing bands of heavy rain ... and ... rut-roh ... the wind is gusting and I just heard thunder ... hopefully we do not lose power again.

Oh, well ... I have my hand project, candles and battery lanterns at the ready if it does.

I am trying my own "Quilt As You Go Hexes" technique.  It is working rather well. 

More later ... time to turn off the computer again ...

stay safe and well ... BBL  ... ;) Pat


  1. Glad all is well and you had something to keep your hands busy Pat. That's one good reason to have a treadle on the premisis ;) LOL

  2. Dorian ... I would love to have a treadle machine. When I was young I had a friend whose's grandmother let us sew on the old treadle in her basement. We used to make doll clothes and such. I have tried finding one that is affordable, but no luck so far.

    We did not lose power again although we experienced a nasty thunderstorm last night. Today it is sunny and calm. The storm appears to have finally passed.

    Now I have to decide what project I want to sew first ... my machine pieced table runner or my hand project ... hmmmmmm ... :)


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