Monday, October 29, 2012


Here in the northeast, my quilty kitty and I are watching the storm and sewing ... on my machine as long as the power lasts.  The winds are picking up and getting gusty. The lights have blinked off and on a few times already. 

Over the weekend, we made a custom table cloth destined for my oldest son's new apartment. 

Last month he took me my favorite local quilt shop for my birthday and while we were there he found this fabric in the sale section and asked how difficult it might be to make a tablecloth. My Boy making his first fabric purchase!

His table is an odd size rectangle with rounded corners. 

My new quick curve ruler came in handy for this project.
Jon has a nice set of dishes that someone gave him as a houswarming gift a few years ago for his first apartment that are black and green. My Boy has a really nice apartment and he likes making it look homey and inviting and he has a real good eye for this.  He wanted a table cloth that would look good with his dishes and we decided that black would be a nice accent color on the tablecloth. 
So we decided on a black hem.    

This is how it looks on my table. 

Katniss is intrigued by this green print fabric for some reason. 

Maybe the circle print looks like eyes to her.  She keeps jumping on it and trying to pick up those circles.  So I gave her a scrap to play with in her basket near my sewing machine. 

It is not keeping her from helping me sew though.

Now Katniss and I have the quick curve ruler out again and the free pattern that came with it and we are making a special table runner with some of the extra fabric. 

Last night I picked and cut the fabrics for this as called for in the pattern, but somehow they did not look quite right to me.  Then just before bed a had a new thought and had to go digging through my stash to find what I wanted. I found a couple of fat quarters that should be just right. 

sew here a sneak peak at what Katniss and I are sewing.
I am really liking the quick curve ruler and am planning to make a full size quilt with it soon.

Whoa!  The power just blinked again ... we may be hand-sewing soon!

Stay safe and well wherever you are, my friends.

May be awhile until I post again ... ;)



  1. Sew pretty! I don't generally use specialty rulers, so I'm interested to see how your table runner comes out. :)

  2. Nice work my friend. That ruler looks really nifty too :) Praying that you are safe, my dear (((HUGS)))

  3. Thanks, my friends :)

    Delia ... everything okay in your neck of the woods after the storm?

    Dorian ... thanks for the prayers <3

    I have some specialty rulers. Some of them I have barely used. This one is going to get a lot of play time, I think ... :-)


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