Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP ... My New Sewing Room!

One wall and one closet done!

At the moment, my biggest WIP is getting *My New Sewing Room* up and organized.  While we are painting and such, I am still sewing in my little corner of the dining room and I am working on some blocks for a swap and some group quilts.  I am really looking forward to having my own sewing space where I will not have to pack everything away for company coming and the long holiday season.

This is the design seed palette I chose for my sewing room ...

I found this on I Heart Linen's Blog through Pinterest
I love this blog!

 I really like these colors and they work well with the wood tones and browns that exist in the room.

Here are the paint colors I picked ...

"Shimmering Blue Pool" on the walls ..."French Buttercup Petal" for accents ... "Classic Rice Paper" for the trim.  The slight off-white is our standard inside trim color throughout our house. These are inexpensive Walmart "Color Place" paints, which we have always found easy to work with,  cover well and are durable.  We are scraping the trim, lightly sanding the wood and panelling and priming all the walls first.

Here are a few more pictures ...


Priming the big built-in closet
first paint coat, closet and walls

I am really liking the aqua blue on the walls!

The bright sunflower quilt is one of my favorites.  I put it up only for this photo op.  It is now safely tucked away in another room and may or may not find a permanent home in my sew sewing room.

This is our short term plan to get me into my own sewing room before the holiday season is upon us.  Since we are doing this on a budget, we are painting just over the "fake knotty pine" paneling that is almost 40 years old. Long range plans are to eventually replace the old drywalling and the dropped ceiling in this room, but that is the long-term plan.

I will not be buying any furniture for this room yet, either. Instead I will be making use of the existing closets and shelving, some plastic storage drawer units, tables that we already have and one storage type piece of furniture which my daughter left behind for now as there was no room in her apartment.  It will soon be home to lots of fabric and sewing stuff.

I have a  few "must haves" on my short term list.  A design wall of some sort is up near the top of the list. I have a few ideas of how I want to make this. 

Time to get some work done.

Have a happy quilty day!


  1. Wow! This is looking fantastic, Pat! I love your color scheme. Very Provencal. Beautiful!

  2. This will be a lovely room when it's finished Pat! Good luck getting it done soon, and have fun in it.


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