Thursday, January 4, 2018

Quilty Planning 2018

I have quilty plans ...
many of them.

Yesterday was choose fabrics and pattern for my planner cover ...

Today's plans are to sew!

It is a good day to stay in and sew.

There is a major snow storm happening outside.

Local Forecast for 12" to 16" of snow.

Gusts to hurricane force winds.

Wind Chills to 
-10F to -25F degrees below zero by tonight.

We have been having a very cold start to the new year here in the northeast.
Most days it has been in the single digits.
Most nights it has been below zero.
It "warmed up" to 28 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday.
It actually did feel warmer.

I have been leaving the hot water on drip in the kitchen which is on an outside wall
to keep the pipes from freezing.

Giving thanks for our warm and snug little home.

Praying the power stays on.

May all of you be well and warm.

Blessings to you.


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