Thursday, January 11, 2018

Why, Yes!

I have been sewing!

These blue units are intended for my

Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks.

More of this project coming on Scrappy Saturday.

I have also been playing with this sweet fabric
for a heart warming project.

You shall have to wait until next month to see this one!

Maestro is 9 months old now and a constant quilty helper.
Here she spies and empty bobbin on my bobbin winder.

Maestro is very adept at snagging these and finding them wherever they may be,
including ones that are wound with thread.

... perfect snatch ... 

and there she goes!

Now if only I could teach her how to wind the bobbins
instead of grabbing them and running off and losing them under the furniture.

I have some other projects lines up there and more to show you soon.

How is your quilty new year going?



  1. it is always great to visit your site.great blog.thanks for sharing it.

  2. Maestro is a quilting cat! ha ha - LOVE your blues!!

  3. Glad you are getting some sewing done Pat! Looks like you have some fun projects being done. Maestro seems to fit in very well :) LOL. Take care my Friend.


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