Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday is Scrap Happy Day!

I am always happy getting scrappy on Saturday ... :-)

Here is what I sewing for the 

It started with an image from my quilty muse,  drawing a  rough sketch,
cutting some 2.5" strips and sewing them in pairs.

Then I cut some 2.5" squares of background gray
and cut and sewed.

This is the Main Block 
and the little cutaway triangles sewn into a mini 2" block.
My quilty muse called me to use these cut offs in ...

the Alternate Block.

Here is the cutting to make two blocks:

Cut four 2.5" by 4.5" rectangles from scraps

Cut four 2.5" squares of background fabric.

Cut one 3.25" by WOF strip

Layout pair units and background squares into blocks as shown.

My method is to use a 1/4" ruler to aligned on the corners to cut the triangles away
without marking
and before sewing

I chain sew the small triangles and corners of the larger units as I go.

I use a flanged 1/4" foot to insure an accurate seam allowance.

I have found this makes for very accurate piecing and a minimal of work.

Even the smallest HST are always a uniform size
and may be sewn together by just trimming the dog-ears.
No other trimming and squaring is needed.

I always finger press or use my roller to alternate direction pressing
in order to "nest" seams.

I do the same with the corners of the larger units.

For the Main Block I found it is important to keep units
laid out in the blocks as I sewed,
so that  I would place the background square on the correct corner
before cutting and sewing.

I sewed the into halves and then sewed the halves together,
nesting seams.

Here is the pressed back of the Main Block.

Here is the Main Block,
which I am now calling my "Court" Block

These blocks measure 8.5" square unfinished.

Next Scrap Happy Saturday my post will show how I made the Alternate Block,
which I am now calling my "Spark" block,
and a layout of what the quilt might look like in these colors.

I am now calling this my Court and Spark Quilt.

Comes from listening to my Joni Mitchell playlist while I sew.

Linking up today with all the lovely quilt is progress

ScrapHappy Saturday

Have a happy, scrappy weekend!


  1. Very clever block. Kudos to you. I love it. ;^)

  2. Nice tutorial for your muse’s blocks.

  3. LOVE how you used the Bonus HST's to create an alternate block for your quilt. Can't WAIT to see how this one comes together!!

  4. The two blocks pair together beautifully. What a fun design.

  5. What a fantastic set of two blocks! I love that you use (immediately too!) the cut away parts. I have that one blue floral fabric (LOVE), first photo, wrong side up under your machine, the patch on the left. I love it, just have a bit of it left, and pulled it aside to go into a RSC block of my own!

  6. Your main block is wonderful and so different than anything else I've seen. I have a different question for you. Do you find that you use that rolly tool very frequently when sewing? I use my finger to press but was wondering if that gadget is worth getting. What would you recommend?


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