Sunday, November 10, 2019

Perfect 5 Sampler QAL ~ Biscotti Block

Perfect 5 Sampler QAL ~ Week 3 ~ Part 1
4 Biscotti Blocks 

This is a cute block and it was easy to sew.
I am sewing the sampler quilt so I only had to make four of these 9" blocks.
I like the fabrics I chose, four colors of the same print.
They will look nice in the sampler quilt.

That said ...

The throw size quilt in the book calls for thirty two of these blocks.
The first sewing instruction says to
"Draw a diagonal line ... two hundred and fifty-six Fabric C squares."

Um   .. . no thank you. 
This is a good example of the kind of pattern that makes find my own way of doing things.
I draw the line at drawing lines when sewing. 

To sew these blocks, I used my tried and true, personal choice method.

I used my folded corners ruler or wing clipper or whatever it is called
to trim off the corners before I sew.
Any ruler with a 1/4" line clearly marked will do.

I line up the 1/4 line of the ruler on where I need to sew.

Then I cut away the corner leaving my needed seam allowance.

Then I line up the cut edge to the flange on my quarter inch foot
and sew an accurate 1/4' seam.

I also sew the cut away to make a small HST and add it to my scrap stash.

No lines.  No trimming after sewing.
Just cut, sew and go.
I like this method ... :-)

It  was a family dinner Sunday so not much sewing.

On to Week 3  ~ Part 2 ~ Gingersnap Block tomorrow.

Sweet Quilty Dreams 

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