Thursday, August 2, 2012

My New Summer Wall Quilt

My sunflower wall quilt is done!!!

I am calling this quilt "Good-day Sunlight"

"Good-day sunlight
I'd like to say how truly bright you are ..."

While I was quilting it, the song "Who Needs Shelter" " by Jason Mraz kept popping up while my playlist was set on shuffle.  Quilts give me shelter. "Nuff said.

When I figured out that the reason I was having trouble choosing a binding because the quilt top was not quite finished, it all fell in place.

Sew ... I added an extra narrow outer border in yellow ...

Then it was easy to see that the binding for my quilt should be brown ...

Because I went to the edge of the quilt, I had to "stuff" a little extra batting to fill my binding.   As usual, I had a lot of help.

This time my daughter's kitten got into the act when she dropped Pepper off for a "playday" with Katniss. 

Katniss took it upon herself to show Pepper all she needs to know to be a quilty cat. 

And Pepper took right to it ...

I added a label!  This may not seem like much of a quilty accomplishment, but I have only added labels to quilts when "I had to" because someone else asked me to do so.  I finally figured out my "Signature Label" 

I just made a bunch of signature blocks for a swap on the Q&N and a light bulb lit up in a dark quilty corner of my mind. 
Make a simple siggy block for each quilt with fabrics from the top. 
Add pieces of the selvages to identify the fabric ...

Name it ... sign it ... sew it!

I will be "signing" all my quilts this way now.

Easy peasy :)


  1. Lovely Pat!Yes, this baby needed that extra bit of yellow. Now it is perfect :)

  2. a wonderfull quilt. I love the colours.


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