Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mail Call ~ Part Two!

This gorgeous fat quarter bundle also arrive yesterday in my mailbox!

I am sew blessed!

When ...

... posted this fun post about ...

I just had to join in the fun.

I've lost a few Wednesdays myself and never have found them.

However, my Saturdays and Sundays lately have been lovely
 and filled with fabric!

I have found that I can download these fabric swatches, too, 
into my EQ and am playing with the layout now ...

... or maybe ...

... or maybe ...

I am thinking maybe a snowball layout to showcase these pretty fabrics.
This would be a mini quilt using just these fat quarters.
Two of the fabrics in this layout are not a perfect match as they did not have 
the violets on the blue tonal background 
or the light blue splatter print for download.
It will make a pretty little quilt for my table or wall.


I think I got it ...

... this one!

This measures about 22" square,
uses all 8 fat quarters
and does not require more than 1/4 yard of any fabric.
The narrow outer border is actually a flange.

Hope to be sewing with these beauties soon!

Thanks, Ellen!

I am thinking that I have spent so much time petting and playing
with these fabrics that they qualify as another ...

... sew I am linking this up today.

For my other June NewFo starts ...

I started cutting this one ... 

and this one ... 

I have projects all neatly stacked and waiting by my machine for
"the pick of the day"
when I sit down to sew.

and just for kitty and new fabric fun for a future NewFo ...

My Quilty Kitties like boxes of fabric!

We have not started this one yet.

This one will be a NewFO soon, too.

 My quilty kitties and I love the NewFO Challenge.

Thanks, Barbara, for being s lovely NewFO hostess!

... just keep sewing ...

I will get 'em done ... someday ... ;)

<3 <3 <3 


  1. So many options - I am glad you like the fat quarter bundle!

  2. I like the third view. I like how the cream color blocks are fussy cut.

  3. Beautiful purples in that fabric and lots of ways to design!

  4. Gorgeous fabrics and they are so soft and feminine looking.

  5. These are gorgeous fabrics and I like all the designs you came up with.

  6. What a fun mail day!! I love your choice and can't wait to see it all made.

  7. How fun!!! I love how you can "make your quilt" before you make your quilt!

  8. What fun! and so many lovely choices for your quilt. I am planning on making the Moda trifle quilt as well.......don't know when I will get started.

  9. Oh so pretty Ms Pat! I love the snowballs with these fabrics. I think you made the right choice :)


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