Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stitchin' Sisters Round Robin Update

My border on this gorgeous Round Robin is done!

I think every round robin I work on becomes my favorite, 
but this one really is my favorite!

I love fall color and fabrics!

This one was a bit of a challenge.

Not the piecing ... that actually went quite smoothly once I found the right fabrics.

The toughest part was finding the right blue fabric.

My quilty muse and I decided that this quilt really needed a nice calming blue sky 
to give the eye some rest for all the beautiful jewel tone fall colors. 
I think I tried every piece of  blue yardage fabric in my stash.

 I finally found the "right" blue is a stack of fabrics that I have had for years
and have been saving for a special project.

This beautiful soft light denim blue is ...

Joanna Figueroa designed this line is 2007.  

I bought some ... wish I had bought more.

I have been saving these fabrics and have finally decided that they should become a 
Swoon Quilt ... just for me, because these are my favorite fabrics.

If anyone ever sees any of this blue or the darker denim blue fabirc anywhere, 
please think of me and let me know where to get more!

Okay ... enough of my fabric swooning ...

more about the RR border.

Here are all the details ...

The birdfeeder, birdhouse and bird blocks and idea for the birdbath cane from this book ...

I fussy cut around some of the scraps from the focus fabric enclosed with the top.

All the other fabrics are from my stash.

 Here are more of the scraped together birds and the detailsof the border stripe fabric 
that I used to frame the top and bottom.

left side

right side

a pair of birds flying into the birdbath

 detail of the center with the top and bottom border

This top is now rectangular.
It is the first time I have ever sent a RR along that was not square.
I asked the experienced quilter who will have this one next if that would be okay
 before I sewed on the top and bottom.
I am sure Cherie is up for the challenge.

Looking forward to seeing the last two borders on this beauty. 

Tricia will be getting this one home just in time for the fall season.

 I hope you like your quilt, my friend, Tricia!



  1. Oh, my word! Pat, that border is absolutely incredible!! It is truly a work of art and simply charming! I love all of your attention to detail and it just sets the center off so beautifully. Tricia will be ecstatic! Well done, dear lady!

  2. You did a wonderful job Ms Pat! That really is very pretty, and the birds/houses are just perfect. Well done my Friend.


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