Saturday, April 8, 2017

15 Minutes of Scrap Play Today!

It was a bright, fun and busy day ... all in a good way ... today.

It is almost midnight here but I was missing my sewing machine
and so I grabbed some multi-colored scraps and sewed!

I made another

Large Thread Cone Block

and found I needed to update the 

Cutting Instructions:

3/4" to 1 and  1/2"  assorted multicolored strips

Two 2" by 5 and 1/2" strips white
Two 1 and 1/4" squares
Two 1"  by  3 and 1/2" strips white
Two 1" by 2" strips white

One  4 and 1/2" by 1" strips gray
One 1 and 1/2" by 1"  strips gray

This block will now be referred to as LGTCB on my blog
and I will be making many of them ...
Just For Fun!

Because I read somewhere that 

is a good thing.

More on this tomorrow.

Linking up today with the happy scrappy people 


Good night and Sweet Quilty Dreams!


  1. You created a fun cone of variegated thread... now, go get some sleep!! More sewing another day.


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