Friday, April 28, 2017

POTC Obsession

Block 9 is done!

Every block I hand stitch becomes "my favorite block."

I keep telling myself that I am going to "just finish this one block"
and then I will get back to the 
stack of projects waiting by my machine. 

Until the block is done and the bee starts buzzing in my ear ...

... that the honeycombs need fussy cutting ...

... and glue basting ...

and the next thing I know is that I have another layout decision to make ...

Layout A


Layout B


This fabrics are sew cute.

I shall start sewing the center and the pairs while I decide.

Opinions always welcome ... :-)

My method for sewing Patchwork of the Crosses 
blocks tutorial coming soon. 

Updated: Sunday, April 30th:

In response to a question ...

I have completed nine main Patchwork of the Crosses blocks and two connecting units
since I started these blocks
You can see some of my previous attempts to start a POTC quilt in that post.

In March, a quilt blogging friend opened up this

30's POTC BOM Group

and I signed up.
I rarely do Block of the Month programs,
but the 30's reproduction fabrics really appealed to me.

I am really enjoying being in this group of very inspiring and supportive stitching friends where we share our progress and tips and tricks in a private Facebook group.
It is just the help I needed to learn and grow.

On Saturday, my hubby and I attended a nearby quilt guild show
we always enjoy and I found some more fabrics for my blocks ...

like this floral stripe from the Back Porch collection from Kaye England.

I took this one home and had to start fussy cutting and ...

I have another block layout to sew.

I love making these blocks!

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Have a happy quilty weekend !


  1. these blocks are coming together so well, can see why you keep starting another one. I like layout A best

  2. You are making quick progress of these blocks. I think I like layout A better, too. Although you really can't go wrong with either.

  3. I assume this means Patchwork of the Crosses? I too love this method and enjoy it very much. Your blocks are beautiful.

  4. I vote for layout A. How many have you made so far?

  5. Well I just gotta be different I guess - B is my favorite. I am enjoying seeing your blocks come together as they are all so sweet and pretty. How many do you have made now?

  6. Nice to see all of the blocks together. 30's prints are bright and cheerful

  7. Beautiful flowers. I vote for layout B

  8. Lovely blocks...fussy cuts are sew cute.....I like B and I got a set from Jan at Sew and Sow Farm...but fabric is sooooo lovely I have not got the nerve to cut into it yet...but I keep seeing yours and say to myself...someday....yours are all so pretty....

  9. I am really enjoying seeing your progress on each of these blocks. You have a good eye for fussy cutting and what looks nice together.

  10. Fantastic! I love your use of the directional fabric!
    I like both layouts... you can't go wrong there!


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