Saturday, April 1, 2017

Multi-Colored Scrappy Month ~ I like it!

Large Thread Cone Block
6 and 1/2" block unfinished

Last weekend I improv pieced a bunch of red thread spool blocks for the


This month is "Multi-Color" Month
so I gathered a handful of small multi-colored strips
to figure out how to duplicate the 

Large Cone Block


3/4" to 1 and  1/2"  assorted multicolored strips

Two 2" by 5 and 1/2" strips white
Two 1 and 1/4" squares
Two 1"  by  3 and 1/2" strips white
Two 1" by 2" strips white

One  4 and 1/2" by 1" strips gray
One 1 and 1/2" by 1"  strips gray

I sewed the strips randomly together, 
pressed in one direction
 and trimmed the center of my cone to
3 and 1/2" by 5 and 1/2" 

My scraps are random and uneven strips.
so the resulting thread looks "wonky"
like my variegated threads.

 This is what I had when I started to sew.

I sewed one the corners of the top of the cone 
and pieced the spool strips.

Cut the side pieces and sewed them to either side of the cone.

Sewing tip:  finger press to find the center of each piece and 
align the centers when sewing on the top and bottom.

Sew on top and bottom of cone.

Trim square to 6 and 1/2"

More multi-colored scrap spools coming soon.

Thinking up today with all the multi-colored fun

RSC ScrapHappy Saturday Linky Party

It is snowing here ... again ...

good day to stay in and sew!

Stay safe and warm and quilty ... :)


  1. This spool block is super cute. Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  2. Love the thread cone. What a fun block. Use those scrappy scraps!

  3. Love all your blocks. I am doing the big spools for RSC. They are so fun. Thanks for the tutorial for the cone block. The multicolored block looks great.

  4. Your spools are cute as can be! I like them in all the different sizes, and the multi-colored slab worked great for that block!

  5. What a WONDERFUL Spool of "variegated" thread!!

  6. I love your spool. I agree looks like variegated thread.

  7. So nice to see how you put that spool block together. A nice change from the regular spools.

  8. Wish I had real thread that colorful. Thanks for the thorough tutorial also, very thoughtful of you.

  9. How very, very nice! I love all your spools! It is going to be one super quilt when it is completed! Pretty clever to make spool blocks for RSC!

  10. Perfect, I love your multi coloured cone block. I have done spools large and small. I think I might do a large spool.

  11. Ha! I'm also doing spools for RSC this year however mine are mini. I love the cone block and the different sizes. Your variegated threads are great!


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