Thursday, April 20, 2017

OMG ~ April is Accomplished!

Block 5

This is my favorite block so far.
This one will be called the Easter Block in my quilt 
as I took it with me and stiched as I visited
and it will remind me of the lovely weekend I had with my family

 Block 6

Block 4

Two Scrappy Connecting Units

which means

I have completed my


I decided to make

 3 Main POTC blocks 

and 2 connecting units.

I have actually completed four main blocks as

this one was in process when I posted my goal.

I am loving playing with the pieces to the 

I have a small tin of ready to sew honeycombs 
that I made from the BOM kit fabrics and 
my stash fabrics that I have auditioned previously and saved.
These are waiting for the "right block."

The cute turtles called my name today and  I have two layouts in progress,
one I have started stitching, but I have not chosen the fabrics for the
outer honeycombs.  This is sew fun ... :)

Lots of beautiful inspiration in the links!



  1. what a glorious quilt you will have blocks look lovely

  2. Love seeing your blocks....they are going to make a sweet PotC quilt.

  3. Love the blocks! I especially like the placement of the ducks, bunnies, and cats!

  4. Your blocks are so cute--they are going to be so fun all put together!

  5. Oh those little cute...following it see how you put them all together and finish.....

  6. You inspire me! These are simply beautiful! I sorta' play at POTC - I make some blocks, but have no idea what they will become.

  7. Such pretty blocks and congratulations on reaching your goal.

  8. These look wonderful. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  9. Those are really imaginative blocks...they make me want to go out and make some :-)

  10. Beautiful blocks! Congrats on meeting your April OMG.


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