Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Signs of Spring!

The Goldfinches are yellow again!

I think these little guys stay around all year 
but they blend in  with the sparrows in the winter time.
They have donned their bright spring plumage.

These photos were taken from inside my kitchen window,
which needs spring cleaning,
and the feeder is across the yard
so the quality is gray and blurry.

These beauties are so much brighter up close!

I love the goldfinches
so I just had to share 
on this gray April Showers Day.

Happy Spring!


  1. They're so cute! On my walk around the property this morning, I noticed that my new neighbors have moved in. I have a bird house about twenty feet from my house and every spring there's a family in there. It makes me happy to hear them sing and watch them flit in and out! I really need to put up more houses. I just have to wait until I get my horses' permanent pasture fenced in.

  2. Ours aren't fully golden out yet, but love seeing their bit of color mixed with the cardinals and jays.

  3. I have just noticed a few of them in the last week, too! They are always so pretty and sweeet, especially since they are Iowa's state bird! Next to seeing cardinals, gold finches are my favorite! Thanks for sharing your sighting!

  4. I'm glad that Spring is showing her face to you Ms Pat. Enjoy the birds!


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