Sunday, April 9, 2017

It's All About The Fabric

Yesterday I went to the

It is always one of my favorites.

I come away feeling awed by the creativity,

inspired by the creativity,

and humbled by the creativity.

I see many quilts beyond my limited capabilities as a quilter.

I am not discouraged by this.

I feel the strength of my own creative abilities 
and look forward to a new personal challenge.

A new one came very quickly ... read on :) 

Of course, there was the always spontaneous hand selected bag of goodies.

I done good ... it was a small bag ...

two Frixion Pens for marking and erasing,

one book,

one spool of Bottom Line Thread, 
that has become my thread of choice for EPP,
(yes, I know it is polyester ... I am also using glue sticks ... works of me)
This was my only planned purchase ...

... and two yards of fabric
from a favorite vendor where the cutting line forms 
behind the man with the cardboard sign on his back.
These are good people.

Yesterday though I came away with a fabric fumble.

Katniss was the first to sniff out something was amiss.

There are two yards of Kaffe Fassett Paperweight  folded together there ...

umm ... 

... Surprise!

This is the fabric I thought I bought.

I handed the man two bolts of paperweight, one yellow and one algae green
and he stacked and cut and folded and handed them to me to tuck in my bag.
I said thank you and we paid and left the show as son #1 was waiting for us at home.

Hmmmm ... now at first I was bummed 
and ready to stuff the brown batik away in the 
bottom shelf cube of batiks in my stash which is, at the moment, fabric oblivion.

Then I had a good night's quilty sleep 
and woke up with the thought that 
I have been given a new personal quilty challenge!

I am calling this the Fabric Switch Challenge.

I have as yet no idea what I am going to make.

It will be fun!

Which brings me to the book.

One of the exhibits I was most looking forward to was 

I always take photos of the quilt info, read this and
 of course, I went to say "Hi!" ...

So, of course,  coming away with a book was in my case inevitable.

I love books and have been planning to purchase this one for sometime.

"15 minutes of play" could be my mantra.

... or maybe ...

"I am one with the fabric and the fabric is one with me."

A signed copy is a treasure.

I love Victoria Findlay Woolf's quilts, designs and ...


This is what I have had in my stash a while
and I am waiting for them to call me to project.

This orange floral is the most glorious fabric I have ever met.

In the upper right corner you will spy the paw.

It is sunny and nice and the windows on the south side are open and

Katniss is saying, "Meowwwt!"

Katniss only goes out on a leash so she is following her humans around and staring.

Time to get some fresh air ...

but first ... time to link up with the fabulous fabric



because it is all about the fabric ... :)


  1. shame you missed out on the other Kaffe fabric.but you have planned will wait and see what you crate I have Victoria`s book and love it, often pick it up to browse. Hope to hear her at the Festival of Quilts in August she is giving a talk must buy a ticket before they all go as she does not come to the UK often. You have some lovely fabric there and see Katniss appreciates it too

  2. I'm glad you had a good time at the show Pat. And found some goodies to come home with :)

  3. Awe even if the fabric were not the "right" one, you will surely find a way to use them. Looks like a fun book and bottom line thread is awesome!

  4. What a cheerful, yummy blog. Nice photos, sweet words, positive attitude after a switcheroo, and paw print approval. I have the same reaction to quilt shows: awe, inspiration, batteries recharged, intimidated but up to the challenge, and usually exhausted. I would LOVE to have seen that show. Nice write up.

  5. I agree with you - that orange floral is indeed glorious. Almost too fabulous to cut up.

  6. I've been eyeing that orange floral at the local quilt shop--it is so beautiful! I wonder about the quilter who ended up with a colorful Kaffe when they wanted a subdued Batik--LOL! Looks like you had lots of fun at the show.


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