Friday, May 28, 2021

I Like Thursday # 97 ~ On Friday

The first rose of summer always makes my heart happy.

Not only is it beautiful; it is hope itself.

This bush is covered with buds,

the promise of more beauty to come.

All it needs is water and sun and a little care.

I am thankful.

It is Friday, so I am late joining my friends,

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color

to share the small joys of life. 

I tried several times yesterday to post, but blogger was being difficult.

I have had some issues today, too, so I hope this will appear on my blog today.

My driveway is bordered by a wall of pink rhododendrons.

They are at peak bloom and the pale new shoots are starting to add new growth.

In a week of two they when they are past bloom, they will need a trim

so we can park our car.

My purple clematis is also blooming.

It has a spot of winter kill this year but the new vines will grow over this area

 and will bloom later in the summer. 

All I have to do is water and wait.

I have been busy in my garden.

It has been hot and dry, but two days ago we had a soaking rain.

The forecast is for more rain this weekend, which may interrupt our

outdoor plans, but the rain is needed.

I have had a new critter in my yard this week,

No, this is not my Maestro.

This kitty is a stray, a very hungry and lost looking baby cat.

Kitty is about 7-9 months old as she looks much like my Maestro did at that age.

She is very friendly and purry and sweet.

I have been feeding her and she has been reported on one of those Lost and Found Pet sites online by another concerned neighbor, but kitty is still out there, day and night in all weather, including the heavy thunderstorms.

Kitty wants to come in, but I have three indoor cats.

Three cats is my number. 

Nutmeg is very territorial and would not likely accept her anyway.

We are planning to take her to a no-kill shelter and see so they can see if she has a micro-chip and reunite her with her owner, or if not, to find her a forever home.

Favorite Freebie of the Week

Brooke's Blossoms Medallion QAL @ Cranky Kangaroo 

Isn't this lovely?

It is all FPP  (Foundation Paper Pieced) and there are other free patterns on her blog.

I do not think I will be sewing this as I have so many projects already in the works
but I shall enjoy following along. 

Here is my new summer reading!

After I posted two weeks ago that I enjoyed watching this show,
my online friend, Dorian, sent me the loan of this books.
Thank you, my friend.

I hope everyone has had a Happy, Healthy and Safe

Memorial Day Weekend. 


Unknown said...

Poor Kitty, I hope she finds her furever home soon.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the first rose too - but mine are white. So surprised we dropped into such a chill which will make any outdoor holiday plans a pass.

Dorian said...

Your flowers are looking beautiful my friend. So glad the books arrived, enjoy them! Have a lovely weekend.