Friday, March 29, 2013

New Feline Friday Friend

Katniss Approved Fabrics
My quilty kitties and I have started a new project ...
we are testing quilt pattern for a friend.
These are our fabrics.
Recently we had a new quilty kitty helping.
 This nosy face is ...
My Grand Kitty, Pepper
Katniss was very happy to have her visit.
They love to play and wrestle together.
Bookends and Friends
Pepper is right at home in my sewing room and curled up for the night.
I am always happy to have my happy kitties helping me in my sewing room.
Katniss adores Butterfly.
Butterfly is The Cat.
My quilty kitties and I are linking up again today with
May you and your quilty kitties join us in this linky party fun.


  1. Looks like some pretty spring green colors in the fabrics you are working with! Love your kitties. We have one old mean cranky male cat. He only likes the hubs and does not like any of the grands. Sorry to say he has always been a crank and would not give the Bug even on chance to become friends. So we have a gate that divides the walkout from cat and dog. So enjoying your tunes, Amazing Grace, so soothing. Happy Easter!

  2. Beautiful kitties!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  3. Looks like it should be a fun project you are testing! My Pepper is happy to meet your Pepper. LOL! Glad to hear everyone gets along :)


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