Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Monthly To Do List

New Fabric!

I am joining Monthly To-Do List Linky Party

and ... yes ...
I fell off the "Sew My Stash" wagon.
Pick one ...
(a) Bits 'n' Pieces had a Daylight Savings Sale. These fabrics came under the "all spring fabrics 25% off" category.  
Green is spring, right?  St Patty's Day! ;)
(b) I am testing a quilt pattern for a friend and did not like the fabrics I had in my stash for this.
(c) I want to make a green and black and white quilt.
(d) Any excuse will do for a little retail fabric therapy
 (e) All of the above
If you picked Answer E, you are correct!
I did sew some stash this weekend ...
These are all Hugs and Kisses blocks for  Q&N Quilty Auntie Quilts. 
I love making baby blocks and quilts!
I may have lapsed in my "sew my stash" resolve,
but I am working on "My Quilty To-Do List."
To better organize my quiltiness,

I am joining in this linky party at
Here is my March To Do List:
1. Catch up on blocks for Quilty Auntie Quilts and Swaps
CHECKED OFF :  Baby Quilt Blocks :)
(working on swap blocks)

2.  test quilt pattern for friend who is a designer (you will not be seeing any actual pictures of this top on my blog until the pattern is released)
4.  finish my Stitch Me Up project for this blog hop

This is going to be a reach for me.

... just keep sewing ... just keep sewing ...

(Note that "no new fabric purchases" is not on this list ... good thing ;)
~ <3 ~

This fine and sunny ... and warm! ... Monday morning, I am linking up at

Owen's Olivia

for the

Plum and June
Plum and June

This morning the linky party asked for us to tell about
an obsession that I have.
Ah ... well ... I have this little problem ...
it is called ... FABRIC! 


  1. Good luck on your finishes! and thank you for joining the party this month!

  2. Love your new fabric - I think I would have fallen off the wagon for it too!

  3. Love your new fabric - I think I would have fallen off the wagon for it too!

  4. With all of that green fabric you should see if you can create something to enter in the Pantone Emerald contest, ends on St. Patty's day.

  5. This is the perfect picture for a March post with all the green; LOVE it! As for falling off the wagon, what else could you do if you don't like the colors you've got? Good luck with your March goals.

  6. What fabulous green and black fabrics! I can see why you would find them irresistible!

  7. A fabric obsession, you do surprise me. :)

  8. The last time I told myself I couldn't' buy lasted 3 days and then I spent hundreds of dollars.

    Now I just call myself a fabric collector.


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