Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oh, My Lucky Cats!

I won!
 The Thimblemouse and Spouse Giveaway!
This morning I opened my email inbox and found a lovely message from Thimblemouse and Spouse that I am the lucky winner of her
All About Me giveaway from her own Country Crossroads Quilt Shop for the blog hop sponsored by Sew We Quilt.

My quilty kitties and I are sew lucky!!!!! 
It is the purrrrfcet way to end this fabulous blog hop!
Squishies coming in the mail!
I think I shall have to plan to make two little mini quilts for my quilty kitties' favorite baskets.  I am sure Katniss will want to help and Butterfly will want to test the quilts.
For my Feline Friday on Saturday post this week ...
Ms Butterfly says she needs some quilty love.  Butterfly is our 12 year old cat, who was my daughter's baby cat and is now staying here in her happy home while Our Girl goes out to make her way in the world.  After much thought, my daughter rightfully decided Her Butterfly was too settled in her home to want to go live in a strange apartment where she would have to become an indoor cat and share life with a their new puppy. 
My Girl adopted and new kitten to be the playmate for the puppy ...
Pepper and Sierra, my furry grandbabies ... a glimpse of one of the quilts I made for My Girl when she went off to college under them. 
It was my first completed bed size quilt.
 "This post is about me!" says the Butterfly ...
Butterfly likes to help me sew the binding on my quilts.
While she is helping me she attempts to hypnotize me.
These eyes are saying, "This quilt is mine!"
Butterfly has been my official quilty tester for many years ...  
This was also one of my first quilts. 
It is now a faded cuddle quilt on the sofa.
This one went to Our Girl in her new home ...
Butterfly tested this top.
Butterfly did not want to see this one leave.
Sorry, Butterfly, this is now Pepper's and Sierra's.
Butterfly is not without quilty comfort, though ...

Our blue/yellow/green bedroom.

 "My Quilt, I say!!"


  1. Butterfly is clearly a Master Quilt Tester - so thorough, no wonder you have been able to make such wonderful quilts with all that encouragement.

  2. Congratulations on being a winner!! Just loving your Quilty Cats. My grandcats help me with my quilting, too! Cats are wonderful.

  3. Darling post!!! They are great help....sometimes good directors, too! LOL

    Carolyn :)

  4. Butterfly is definitly a lucky girl to have so many quilts to flit between. I especially like the photo of her tucked in under a quilt :)

  5. Enjoyed reading your post about your kitties and their quilts. They do belong to them - correct? LOL! It's fun to look back at the quilts we first made and the ones we are making today - like our own trunk shows! Thanks for stopping my blog and commenting on my sweet Cassie (dog) and our/her journey with quilts. So much fun!


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