Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Colorful (and Tasty) Random Thursday

? No Sashing Posts ?
 More pretty fabric randomness
I need help deciding the setting for these pretties

Above I am "auditioning"  "no sashing posts"
to see the pattern and other options ...
to offer a welcomed opinion ... TIA!
... Delicious Randomness ...
I still buy my milk in glass bottles with a deposit return from a local dairy.

Irish Soda Bread

The Bread Baker
My hubby and I had this for lunch with homemade Chicken Soup.
It was good. 
I made it exactly as directed as I always do with new recipes.
I almost added caraway seed  which I usually use in Irish Soda Bread.
Next time I will tinker with the recipe.
I may add the caraway and raisins
or I may experiment with other herbs like rosemary.
I will bake it in a covered casserole dish.

It will become my random quick bread recipe.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Unpasteurized mile is "illegal" in Ontario but not other provinces in Canada, what the hell?! I'll have some of that bread please!! Looks delicious. :D

  2. That bread DOES look delicious. I might add raisins. Pretty sure I wouldn't personally try caraway, and I think milk in bottles is awesome.


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