Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ALYOF Mid Month Progress Report

My ALYOF March Goal:
Piece this Top
[Edit:  When I took this out and started really looking at how much I had done ... and how much more I have to do ... and the fact that I have not even made a decision about the fabric for the sashing posts, I have had to face the reality of the fact that this goal is unrealistic.  My goal now is just to make a decision about the sashing posts and to make progress on this top. I was no where near being ready to piece the top.  In fact, I have several steps that need completing.]
These fabrics were first seen on my blog Here

Then they were seen Here

Then they disappeared and became a mysterious UFO
flying around my sewing room and disrupting the force.

For my
ALYOF March Goal I want to complete make progress on this top!

Here is the long story ...

This quilt started as a mystery last fall.  I opted to go scrappy and use some Kona Solid 10" swap squares in my stash with gray yardage.  I like my colors and fabrics but at I got to a place where I started struggling with how my scrappy fabrics were working in this pattern so I put it to one side to "think about it" and the next thing I knew, other projects kept lining up ahead of it.  I really want to finish this quilt.

Since the mystery weekend is long over, I have looked at the whole top.

The pattern is called
and can be found
 @ Quiltwoman

I am back at the place where I left off!
No closer to making a decision!
All my HST are sewn.

I have started to add the medium gray solid sashing.

I need to make a decision about the small square posts in the sashing.

Here are my options ...
(1)  light gray posts

(2) rusty red posts

(3) scrappy posts
Black posts are not an option.  I have already ruled that out.
I tried it and it did not like the effect at all.
I am planning to eliminate the narrow inner border in the pattern and add only a wide medium gray plain border.
I will probably also bind it in the medium gray.

I am also linking up with

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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Fresh Poppy Design

If you would like to help me decide, all feedback is welcome.

:)  TIA!  :)


  1. I really like the rusty red too Pat! sigh~ I haven't finished this one either!!

  2. I like scrappy...and I'm not usually going for scrappy!

  3. I really like the light gray! It has a sort of transparency effect and the coloured triangles really shine.


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