Friday, March 15, 2013

Random 5 Friday

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(1)  All In A Row
My Pretty Mystery Quilt Fabric Strips
ready to sew! 
(2) My New Ergonomic Cutting Table is 34" high
(3) My New Ergonomic Pressing Board is 35" high

(4) A Fresh Jar of Nutella
Just went shopping and this is a treat!

(5) "The Boy" Is Home!
This makes me very happy.
When we got home from grocery gathering we found this backpack in the living room, which means one of our sons is here for the weekend. 
No truck parked in front of the house. No son to be seen.
He must already be out hanging with his buddies.
~ It is all good ~
Time to go sew the mystery!
Have a happy weekend!


  1. Enjoy the time with your son and sewing. B

  2. Looks like a wonderful weekend for you! Yay for your son being home for a visit. xo

    Thank you for sharing at R5F today. So very appreciated.

  3. Well those are 5 things that would make me happy too! :) Enjoy that boy of yours! Off to see if I really did finish off that jar of Nutella. :)


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