Thursday, March 7, 2013

Antique Beauty Finds Home

Remember this lovely lady?
You saw her first here ~~~~>
Thearica made this vintage beauty for her ...
Blog Hop Giveaway ...
and I won!!!!!!

:)   I am sew happy!  :)
This pretty lady arrived as a pillow ready to stuff, so Katniss and I plumped her and fluffed her, sewed her up, got her ready for her new photo session and found her a comfy place and named her Aunty Antique.  Our new Quilty Aunty said she needed a quilt as it is cold and snowing here again and clearly this gal likes bright warm tropical places.  Aunty Antique wanted to do a little hand stitching to settle in and get ready for the next blog hop, so I found her some fabric and my basket of perle cotton.  Katniss loves this, too, as you can see ...
 Katniss says, "Need some help there, Aunty Antique?"
 Aunty Antique selected a pretty orange perle cotton to match her flower.
Here comes Katniss !
Aunty Antique added a pretty purple to match her dress.
Katniss says, "Here I am to help!"

"Which way did it go?"

 Aunty Antique says "The purple will be just fine for now,
but that cat needs to learn to bring things back."
Maybe Aunty Antique can teach Katniss some manners.
In the meantime, I am just going to have to play fetch.
~~~ <3 ~~~
My Quilty Kitties and I want to say
Thank you, Thearica!!!
We shall treasure and pamper Aunty Antique!
~~~ <3 ~~~
I am linking up today for the first time with
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Live a Colorful Life

and enjoying the random colorfulness of life.

Thanks for visiting me!

~~~ <3 ~~~

... also linking up with Feline Friday

because Ms Katniss wants to visit the other quilty kitties again.




  1. She looks right at home! Thank you for posting about it. makes me smile real big. :)

  2. Congrats on the wonderful win!!! I can't get over how much your Katniss looks like my Gypsy :*)

  3. Fabulous! She looks very contented in that armchair :)

  4. The orange perle cotton--what a fabulous choice! Thanks so much for linking up. Hope you will do it again.

  5. Great to have a win! And a cat to share it with.

  6. Katniss is a riot and you got it all on "film." Thanks for checking in on Feline Friday again :)


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