Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Favorite Quilt

This is my favorite quilt!

is hosting a

and this made me really think about "my favorite quilt."  

I have a lot of favorite quilts for many different reasons.

After thinking it over, I have picked this quilt as my personal favorite. 

This photo of the quilting has been featured on my sidebar for a lot time.
It tells a story of who I am.
It is a simple quilt.
It is not trendy or new or designed by me.
It is not perfect.

It just hangs on my wall and makes me happy.

I have blogged a lot about this quilt.

   Here is my post about quilting and finishing it. 

I took my time quilting it and enjoyed the process.

My quilty kitties helped, of course,

Butterfly helped.

Katniss helped. 

It was made from  this free pattern.

By the time I had reached the outer borders, it did not look quite right to my quilty muse. 

I had actually already finished the quilting and had trimmed it bind it
when I decided that my quilt was not done.

If I could rewind and do over, I would not have trimmed that quilt before
reaching for the binding fabric.

The pattern called for this teal as the binding.
It did not really speak to me.
When I auditioned fabrics for the binding I could not decide. 
Even after the advice of my friends I could not make up my mind.

So I decided my quilt was not done. 
I actually made the quilt larger by adding an extra strip of batting
and an extra narrow border in yellow.
This warm yellow is my favorite color!

My grand kitty stopped by and helped when she was just a baby kitty to help bind the runner.

I bound the quilt with the last of my brown fabric.
It has turned into my favorite wall quilt and it hangs somewhere in my home all year round.  In the summer it is in my dining room.  Then it moves into my bedroom.  

It has also hung in my sewing room, which is not my sewing room for a few months. 

Because I added the extra batting and border strip the outer edge has a slight wave.
It is not a quilt show worthy quilt.
It is not perfect.
This matters not at all to my enjoyment of this quilt.

I love this quilt so much ... the sunflower prints, the colors, the layout, the quilting.  I never grow tired of looking at this quilt.  I always makes me smile and brightens even the grayest days.

The free pattern used a stitch and flip method that resulted in many good sized HST,

 so I made large table/bed runner with the scraps.

Right now my favorite quilt is hanging in my bedroom ...

... where the walls are the same warm yellow.

This is the story of my favorite quilt.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at with me.

Thanks for stopping by for a moment.



  1. When life gives you scraps, make what you love! This is such a gorgeous quilt, but I may be biased since that same warm yellow is my favorite color too!

  2. I really enjoyed the story of your favorite quilt. Your pictures enhanced the story beautifully.

  3. I can see why it's your favorite! It has some beautiful, calming qualities about it, plus it was kitty tested and approved. Nice job!

  4. I love that your favorite quilt tells the story of you! Its a wonderful representation of who you are and what brings you joy. Its just beautiful all by itself, but the story of why its your favorite makes it really shine.

  5. It would be my favorite quilt, too! I love it against your yellow is just beautiful!

  6. Your quilt is wonderful! I'm so glad you shared! I shared my favorite quilt at


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