Thursday, April 8, 2021

I Like Thursday # 92 ~ G is for Grandmother's Flower Garden

Here is my uppercase G Block for my Alphabet I Spy Quilt

G is for Green

Green is one of my favorite colors in quilts. 

I love the green text fabric in the sashing on my 

Sundrops Jolly Bar Jazz Quilt

G is for Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt

Here is a hexagon flower that I hand stitched with the plan to make a 

Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt.

It was made in 2009 when I was first learning to hand stitch.

Although I have a stack of these, I will need many more to make a quilt. 

This was not made with a template like traditional EPP.

Can you tell how it was made?

I will be posting how I made this soon. 

To learn more about this historical quilt pattern ...

Click Here for Free GFG Pattern


Free Quilt Patterns From History


G is for Grain

Understanding the grain of fabric is am important aspect of 

quilting and sewing.


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 Since it is Thursday  I hope to share it with my friends @ 

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color


G is for Gratitude

I am grateful for my family and friends

and all life's gifts.

Life is Happening

I may not be able to make my alphabet blocks for a few days. 

I hope to catch up soon with these blocks.

I will be away a few days spending time with a loved one,

who is being released from the hospital.

I will be taking my hexies and my hand work

to sit and stitch.

Be Back Soon! 

Thank you for visiting me! 


Dorian said...

Thinking of you and your loved one, sending healing prayers. Have a lovely day my Friend.

Frédérique said...

Green is the color for hope. Hope your loved one will be ok.
Take care, and see you soon

TWW said...

Thank you so much for these, wishing you and the loved one the best. Enjoy the time together. We'll be here when you get back. said...

I liked green but was not a huge fan. Jeff loved green and yellow and I find that it makes me happy, isn't that funny? Good idea to take your handwork, thinking of you and your loved one as you care for them. Oh and your G is gorgeous. I also love your jolly bar quilt it is so happy.

Crackerberries said...

This is lovely. I miss my grandmother's quilting. She was a Pine Tree quilter for many years. I have one of her master piece baby quilts that she made with kitties on it. Thank you for sharing and giving me the memory of my grandmother. Enjoy the rest of the A2Z challenge and if you have time I could use some help in my Garden


Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Pat! Your green G is lovely. I hope you enjoy spending time with your family/friend. It is so nice that you can help them with the transition. ~smile~ Roseanne

PaintedThread said...

I like the G and your little hexie flower!

Chantal said...

Take care. All the best to you and your loved one. ;^)