Sunday, September 19, 2021

Jelly Roll Pumpkin Block ~ Free Block Pattern

Jelly Roll Pumpkin Block ~ Free Tutorial

 Here are the cutting instructions for my

Jelly Roll Pumpkin Block

to celebrate Sew a Jelly Roll weekend. 

Thanks to this event, I take one of the sale jelly rolls off my shelf and sew something with it.

This block was hand drawn on graph paper

and I figured the cutting as I sewed.

Cutting Instructions:

From Jelly Roll:

Cut 6 strips 10.5" by 2.5" for pumpkin

Cut 1 square 2.5" for stem

Cut 1 rectangle 2.5" by 3.5" for leaf


(may be cut from jelly roll strips)

Cut 4 squares 2.5"

Cut 1 rectangle 2.5" by 5"

Cut 1 rectangle 2.5" by 1.5"

Cut 2 squares 1.5"

Cut 2 rectangles 1" by 10.5" 

I started by sewing the leaf unit.

I like to use my 1/4" seam ruler to cut off the corners before I sew.

You may prefer to draw a line and cut the extra fabric away after you sew.

After I sewed the leaf, I assembles the stem and leaf row.

After completing the top row, I sewed the pumpkin section.

First I sewed the corners of the outside pumpkin strips.

I used the same, cut and sew method to round the corners on the pumpkin.

Then I sewed the pumpkin strips together

 and added the narrow border strips to the side.

Nutmeg was my quilty kitty inspector for this block.

She helped me press the block, too. 

Here is how we pressed the seams in this block.

This Jelly Roll Pumpkin Block measures 12.5" unfinished.

I am working on more blocks for my Jelly Roll Challenge Quilt.

I am also quilting my Bats & Boos Quilt.

I love fall quilts! 


For another of my Free Jelly Roll Day Blocks, click the link below for my

Jelly Roll House Block

Hmmm ... according to my post, this block was intended to be the first in a series of jelly roll house blocks.  I think I sewed others. 

 I need to find them and renew this project someday.  

So many quilts to sew ... sew little time. 

Happy Jelly Roll Sewing! 

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Linda said...

That's a great tutorial! Nutmeg obviously approves. ;) I made a pumpkin table topper and forgot to put a leaf on mine! I'll save your tutorial for "next time".