Tuesday, September 14, 2021

My Witch Hat Block Tutorial


Witch Hat Block ~ Tutorial 

Here is my promised tutorial for the Witch Hat Block, 

which I designed for my ...

I wanted to make a block with a large purple triangle to add movement to my quilt and extend the purple from the bat blocks and the orange from the pumpkin blocks into the outer block border.

I researched free witch hat blocks online and did not find one that worked, 

so I designed my own block.

I am very happy with how this worked up.

Here is how I made my plan. I drew the block up on graph paper, found a triangle ruler that I could use.  Then I drew and cut cardstock templates.

I cut the triangles using this ruler, which may also be used to just cut the fabric.

60 Degree 8.5" Triangle Ruler @ Quilt in a Day

Any 60 degree ruler will work or you could use the lines on your cutting mat. 

I like making templates and storing them with my block pattern for future block making.  

Then I sewed my first black, adjusting the plan as I sewed.

After sewing, my prototype block measured 12.5" wide but only 12.25" high. 

I did sew the other blocks to match my first block and they fit perfectly with my other blocks, but I have changed the cutting measurement in this tutorial so those who sew it may be able to make perfect size blocks.

Here are the pieces I cut for my blocks ...

Here are my corrected cutting instructions ...

Cutting for one Witch Hat Block:

Background (Black Stars)

A  -  Two 2" x 8.5" rectangles

B  -  Two 2.5" x 2" rectangles

C  -  Two 8.5" Half Setting Triangles (in opposite side pairs) 

D  -  Two 2" squares

Hat (Purple Print)

E  -  One 8.5" 60 Equilateral Triangle

F  -  One 12.5" x 2.5" rectangle

Hat Band (orange print)

G  -  Two 3.5" x 2.5" rectangles

H  -  One 1.5" square

Buckle (gray print)

I  -  Two 1.5" x 1" rectangles

J  -  Two 1.5" x 2.5" rectangles

I cut my first block with the ruler as shown.

Then I cut cardstock templates for the rest of my blocks. 

When sewing the setting half triangles, this is how I position the pieces.

The points should extend 1/4" beyond the edge of the other fabric.

Then I pieced the buckles by adding the I rectangles to the top and bottom of the H square, pressed and added the J rectangles to either side. 

Here is the top of my hat block, ready to add the A rectangles to each side
and the buckles, ready to add the G and B pieces to each side.

Next I cut off the corners of my strip F and D squares.

 ... and sewed.

You may prefer to draw a line, sew and then cut away the extra fabric.

Everyone has their own way of doing things in their happy sewing place.
Always follow your own quilty muse. 

The long rectangles for the brim of the hat is the cutting correction.

I did not change the size of the 2" background squares, so your bottom unit will have a 1/4" inch of purple at the bottom.

After you sew these units together, square and trim your block to 12.5" 

Here is my Witch Hat Block in my quilt.

Happy Sewing!

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