Friday, March 1, 2024

Free Pattern Fun Friday


Friday has become my day to make this week's block for the

Made & Found QAL @ Alison Glass

Free Block Designs are emailed weekly after sign-up.

There will be 36 blocks from the Andover Fabrics Designers.

This is my block story board for this week's block.

I played with the colors a little and decided to add a fourth fabric to the mix.

I have been using some white in each block for contrast. 

This is one of those instruction sheets that has you drawing and sewing lines.

I just pair my squares, cut in half and chain sew.

Now I have three blocks done!

These are 9.5" unfinished blocks.

Quick and easy and an hour of sewing fun

that is using up some of my scrap and stash.

I have no idea what collection the print fabric may be from.

I bought it a few years along in a fat eight bundle from 

Alison Glass for her Ventana pattern.

There is no selvage.

If you know what it is. please tell.

I am happy I decided to sew along with this one. 

Today is also time to decide on whether I will sew along

 on one of my favorite free quilt-along of the year.

released the first instalments today!

A small donation for Make A Wish is requested,

 if you wish to say thank you.

This is so pretty! 

The first block is it beautiful bird ... 

 Dove Block ~ Free Download ~ Here

The fabric requirements for the quilt 

and the Cross Stitch Border Design

may also be downloaded in the links. 

I am saving the patterns for now.

I am very tempted to sew that beautiful dove block.

Will you sew or stitch along?

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Gretchen Weaver said...

Those sound like fun sew-alongs! But I'm practicing restraint by sticking to my list and not joining in. Happy stitcing!